About Auschwitz and Birkenau Tours

Chuni Kahan MBE is an active member of Jewish Community.

It was his involvement in communal activities that prompted him to arrange the first of his Auschwitz Birkenau tours in March 2008. Four doctors from Homerton Hospital in London as well as several members of the London Ambulance Service and Metropolitan Police were invited to partake in a one day tour of the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps in Poland, the Holocaust Museum and various other pertinent sites in the area. As Chuni Kahan MBE says, "through education and providing first-hand information on the holocaust we aim to build bridges and understanding between the communities".

Following the success of this trip, with the participants having gained a valuable and important insight in the past, and therefore, the present of the Jewish Community, Chuni Kahan MBE decided to organise further Auschwitz tours on an approximate bi-annual basis. The purpose of these trips is twofold; firstly by teaching people about the Jewish holocaust, it develops an understanding and appreciation of the Jewish Community and secondly, with Holocaust denial becoming more prevalent, it forces people to remember the atrocities and inhumanities that the victims suffered during those hellish years.

Since that first trip in March 2008, Chuni Kahan MBE has headed several more groups on similar visits and participants, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike, have found these trips to be emotional, moving and significant in taking away valuable lessons from Auschwitz. of previous visitors can be seen here.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana.